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  • Is it possible to personalize the stickers with the child's first name?
    Yes! All our stickers on the store can be personalized with your child's first name! A supplement of €2.50/sticker is required for this type of personalization. Don’t hesitate to contact us 😀
  • Do you make fully personalized stickers?
    Yes! We can create a personalized sticker for you according to your theme, text, etc... Any request for personalized creation will be subject to a request for a deposit (€5), the deposit will of course be deducted from the purchase price (€15 including delivery) Why this price? Each creation requires between 1 hour and 4 hours of work depending on the chosen theme Why a deposit? Unfortunately, too many unanswered requests and the time wasted working on projects that are far too personal to be offered for sale and therefore unusable force us to proceed in this way. If the requested theme is more general and therefore reusable to offer it for general sale, a reduction will be made to your invoice. 😉
  • How to apply the sticker/decal?
    our stickers/stickers are easily applied to a clean, degreased surface. Window and/or bodywork
  • Where to stick the sticker/sticker?
    all our stickers/decals stick to the exterior of your vehicle on window and/or bodywork our stickers/stickers are made from a very resistant material and printed with ultra HD inks which offer them high resistance to different climatic conditions.
  • How to remove the sticker/decal?
    you can use a hairdryer to make it easier to remove the sticker/sticker. Once this is removed, if there are traces of glue left, a small cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover, a quick rinse with clean water and that's it!
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